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Compress MP3 is an open source project aimed at making it easy to compress MP3 files to the size you want them to be. The project is for the Linux OS and runs from the command line. Usage instructions and installation instructions are provided below.

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You must have the following for this program to run


Open console as root. (Type "su" and enter root password)

[root]# ./install

If you wish to install to a directory other than /usr/bin/ (i.e. that is not your executable directory).

[root]# ./install -I "/install/directory/goes/here/"

You must leave a trailing "/" at the end of the directory name or the install will fail.


If you installed the program to your executable directory to run the program just:

[user]$ compressmp3

and follow the on screen instrustions.


Manual installation requires that you place "libcompressmp3" and "compressmp3" into your executable directory.

You must ensure that the executable("compressmp3") and "libcompressmp3" are installed to the same directory.


Thanks to the makers of LAME, PERL, MP3::Info and Per Bolmstedt.

This was created by Michael Smith.

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